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Since his early childhood, Gebran Tueni loved his country. At a young age, he started to struggle against the Palestinian, Israeli and Syrian occupiers and all foreign presence in his homeland. He organized and participated in student demonstrations demanding sovereignty, freedom and independence. He devoted his pen and newspaper to achieve this dream. His voice still reverberates in the Martyrs’ Square where he declared his famous oath that was repeated by more than one million Lebanese people on that historic day, March 14, 2005. His courage and belief in human rights established him as a distinguished and rebel MP; he was the first one to raise the issue of detainees in Syrian jails and to advocate for their cause. His courage and faith in God and Lebanon were the weapons with which he faced his enemy. However the criminals were lurking all around, and on the morning of December 12, 2005, they silenced “the resonating voice” with a car bomb in Mkalles… Gebran died a martyr on the homeland’s altar as he has always dreamt.

The Oath